Windows 10 Themes For Windows 7 And 8

September 9, 2015 - Tricks&Tips
Windows 10 Themes For Windows 7 And 8

If you didn’t installed the new Windows 10 and wanted to try out Window 10, you don’t necessarily have to wait for buying the operating system because for many the essence of the operating system is mostly with the User Interface. The UI can still be enjoyed on your existing platform. You will find officially released packages from Microsoft to test a free technical preview of the upcoming operating system. There are also many third party authors and developers who release themes at various design forums and software hosting sites.

Theme For Windows 7

The most widely used operating system since XP is Windows 7 and developers target this vast community to market their products like Windows 10 Theme Packs. These contain custom background wallpapers, icons, window color and sounds. The main aim is to offer unparalleled customization and hopefully editable ways to gather even a larger audience.

The theme for Windows 8

This has a little different approach as you need to use external programs like StartIsback or Classic Shell to get usable panels like Start Menu that looks like Windows 10. There are not too many resources on Windows 8/8.1 but in case you have it installed, you can still be able to test and try out Windows 10 themes. There are third-party authors, but always ensure the authenticity before making changes.

There are always tutorials on using one or the other ways to customize your desktop. Be sure to carefully understand the steps and also the ways to revert back before committing some action.

Here you can start transforming your Windows 7/8 in 10