Windows 10 Preview (10+ Usability Screenshots)

April 15, 2015 - News
Windows 10 Preview (10+ Usability Screenshots)

The official version of Windows 10 is almost here, if you are a regular user and you love what Microsoft has done for your comfort, then it’s a perfect time to be a little more patience and see what’s next in the one of the greatest project.

We think that Windows 10 will be the next generation for the PC system (and not only, but prior is here). Let’s take a look of 10+ screenshots maded from Technical Previews, BETA versions.

windows 10 desktop startbar

windows 10 desktop

download windows 10 preview screenshot

windows 10 tabs

windows 10 screenshot

windows 10 beta version 2015 may

windows 10 new window mode

windows 10 screenshot startmenu

Take a short look of mobile phones preview

windows 10 for mobiles phones

windows phone 10 for developers