Windows 10 making software purchase expensive

December 7, 2015 - News
Windows 10 making software purchase expensive

Yes, Windows 10 is free of cost. After all, even the people that have pirated Windows installed in the computer can get a free upgrade to the Windows 10 official website, without any peripheral cost. However, there are a lot of scandals that are making the rounds, particularly in conjunction with Windows 10.

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Forced updates, disabled user preferences, privacy invasions that are seemingly bordering on criminal activities, and data announces that are blown through the roof within a few days are just some of the problems faced by people using Windows 10.

Well, such reports definitely take off some shine from this particularly good operating system. However, truth be told, the beating does not stop there. The operating system has now got the right to scan all the hardware and software of the computer and disables anything that it believes to be legal.

So, if you have those cracked or pirated software and games think about getting rid of them, or purchasing the original varieties of it. Chances are that you could well be on your way to getting the update at a later stage, particularly when you’re looking to sit back and relax with your computer.

All in all, Windows 10 is a terrific transformation of an operating system that was bordering on seemingly incomprehensible with Windows 8.1, and a true step towards excellence from the Windows 7. However, such methods to get people to purchase the original software are something that is bordering on user privacy invasion and a lot more.

However, if you think that you can back out, well, it’s too late. You have already signed the user service agreement before installing the Windows 10, so you layman terms, Windows 10 can do whatever they want with your computer without any questions asked about their actions.