Windows 10 lookalike Themes

March 21, 2016 - Tricks&Tips
Windows 10 lookalike Themes

If you are one of those hard-core Windows fans and just can’t wait for your free upgrade of Windows 10 as you are rather reluctant to buy a new copy, then this will mean a great deal for you.

Now you can change your windows 7 or windows 8 to a lookalike of Windows 10 without really installing the windows by just installing the Windows 10 theme.

The theme will change the login screen, window’s appearance, wallpaper, cursors, fonts and your desktop look to a Windows 10 lookalike. There are nearly thousands of themes to choose from, and some are available on the official Windows website which can be easily downloaded on your current windows and will phase in your current windows without making any changes to your data or your previous settings. The users of Windows XP or Vista can also download the themes meant for their version of Windows, but the collections are very less for them.

This will be very helpful for users who’s PC or laptop doesn’t meet the Windows 10 requirements or who doesn’t want to change their current version of Windows and still want to change their looks of their windows.

As shown by the market studies that the mobile version of Windows is not as successful as the PC or laptop version, but still if you want to change the appearance of your Smartphone to Windows 10 lookalike still remain on an Android platform as it is more user friendly then there are themes designed for Android users also and can be easily downloaded and installed.

Well, there are some arguments that the themes slow down your computer and will hinder its normal working, but if you are looking for performance than better go for an original version than for a theme but still these are very helpful as needs differ with people.