Troubles faced by people using Windows 10 and appropriate fixes

January 5, 2016 - Tricks&Tips
Troubles faced by people using Windows 10 and appropriate fixes

There are some issues that need to be taken into consideration upon using Windows 10.
windows 10 problems

1. There are a lot of advertisements, particularly pop-up ads when you use Microsoft Edge. You may need to go to the Internet options, and under the privacy option, you need to select turn on pop-up Blocker settings. That seems extremely easy, right? Well, your journey does not stop there. You would also need to click on the disable toolbar and extensions when in private browsing starts so as to get the total shutdown on the advertisements.

2. The chrome browser is a bit finicky, and sometimes bordering on truly outlandish times taken in order to get simple works done. After all, people have been placing their trust on Google and all its related programs and applications for a long time, and they have seldom it is down. However, with the Windows 10 and Google Chrome combination, there is seriously a problem that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, if you face a lot of lag the Google Chrome, the only thing for you is to uninstall and reinstall the said browser. Only then will you be able to achieve some sort of glitch free browsing.

3. Another problem with Microsoft edge is that it would let you transfer the pages that were amongst your favorites on Internet Explorer. However, you can transport all the bookmarks by opening the Microsoft edge, and checking of the Internet Explorer and clicking on the import favorites. By doing so, the favorites should now be loaded onto your Microsoft edge favorites tab, and you can take it from there.

Well, problems are always rife a new operating systems. What you can do is to get over them with your own fix up solutions, and take care of it at the earliest possible opportunity.