Some common problems faced by people in Windows 10

November 18, 2015 - Tricks&Tips
Some common problems faced by people in Windows 10


There is little doubt about the overwhelming response that Windows 10 has been able to garner, and it is mostly positive. Compared to the disaster that was Windows 8.1, Windows 10 has definitely been loved by the people from all parts of the world.

However, in these early days, there is expectancy for you to run into a number of issues with any operating system, and Windows 10 is not a stranger to this. There are some bumps on this highway, and some of them have been mentioned below.

how to activate windows 10
1. The Premier most issue that people have about Windows 10 is the difficulty in activating the operating system once it has been installed. However, there is no possible fix to this solution, but the good news is that the issue resolves by itself within a few minutes. So go for a cup of coffee instead of fretting over this particular issue, and you would come back to your Windows 10 activated.

windows 10 chrome problems
2. The chrome browser is coming across a lot of problems, particularly due to excessive slowdown and lag. It is particularly noticed when there are any heavy tasks that are being performed like streaming video. Well, this is an issue with Google, the founder of the chrome browser, and it has nothing to do with Windows. So, sit back and bite the bullet.

email app windows 10
3. The email application located in Windows 10 does not allow for people to create subfolders when they are organizing their email. Unfortunately, there is no particular fix, at least for the time being. So, you’d have to bear with it till Windows comes across a fix for this problem.

windows 10 wifi connection problem
4. Some users have complained about the Wi-Fi connectivity getting cut off in between, and not reconnecting. Well, simply rebooting the machine would be of help to you.