No android app ports in Windows 10 in the near future

November 17, 2015 - News
No android app ports in Windows 10 in the near future

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With the recent news trickling in, Microsoft has possibly killed off all plans by not allowing developers to port the android applications in the Windows 10 mobile phones. With the advent of Microsoft Windows 10, the least of worries when it comes to android developers would be the compatibility. Rather, the Microsoft tool that allows for the porting of android application has been delayed indefinitely. There are some reports which also state that this tool, which is nicknamed Project Astoria can be delayed or cancelled altogether.

Representatives from Microsoft has mentioned that they are committed to allowing the developers to bring new applications into the Windows platform, but Project Astoria is not ready to be shown to the world as of yet. The project was definitely one of the larger plans for Microsoft to bridge the gap that exists between the Microsoft Mobile devices and its two larger rivals, the android and the Apple operating system.

These two platforms have tens of thousands of applications that are maintained and regularly viewed in their respective application store. Windows, on the other hand are seriously lacking in terms of top tire applications, and those that do, as suitable replacements are frequently lacking due to heavy updates.

So, what kind of impact will it have on the people using mobile phones based on the Windows 10 operating system? Well, the application system of Windows is terribly outdated, the only way people could end up using the Windows smartphone was if it would allow for android applications to be integrated.

However, since the project has been indefinitely scheduled, which in other terms mean that it could rather be cancelled, there is absolutely no idea as to where application compatibility is going to come to a standstill from the viewpoint of Windows.

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