Microsoft Windows 10 can automatically disable pirated software

December 18, 2015 - News
Microsoft Windows 10 can automatically disable pirated software

windows 10 pirated softwares

With the help of Windows 10, Microsoft has now bought the ability to disable counterfeit games as well as unauthorized hardware. However this is not an official statement, but what seems to be an interpretation of the updated end user license agreement. The new terms and conditions incorporated within the agreement states that it allows Microsoft to update the software on your computer, and change them according to its functional necessity.

With Windows 10 already been installed in over 14 million machines, it is still uncertain as to how Microsoft will be able to counteract the counterfeit or cracked software, which could mostly include its own Microsoft Office. With the Windows 10 home version, Microsoft has made the software update feature mandatory. However, the worst thing about this is that the user is denied a choice of updating; rather a user does not have any capability to state no to that particular update.

While most of the PC gamers are heavily cracked across various distribution channels, video game streaming services like Steam has been moving from strength to strength. In the Windows 10, Microsoft has let go of its Windows live games option in support of Steam. While, it is understood that Microsoft is blocking the pirated games and software, what is particularly unclear is about the unauthorized hardware peripheral devices.

With the issue of Windows 10, Microsoft has brought Xbox gamers to be connected to the computers; the users can also stream the Xbox games from the Windows 10 machines. Disabling the hardware could well relate to the Xbox game controllers, which is now a mandatory feature when it comes to PC gaming with the help of Xbox. So, even though the air is unclear at this present moment, we expect Microsoft to come out with an official statement very soon.