Give Your Windows 10 An Overhaul With The Official Theme Packs From Microsoft

September 5, 2015 - News
Give Your Windows 10 An Overhaul With The Official Theme Packs From Microsoft

The Windows 10 has arrived few months ago (the time is going so fast) and people are head over heels in love with it trying to customize things the way they want. Yes, Windows 10 provides yet more choices and options to help you enjoy your wall all the while. There are a lot of items in its repository that is beautifully organized into categories for easy search and retrieval.

What To Expect?

A theme is nothing compare to a collection of desktop wallpapers, window color and tints and sound for alerts, notifications etc. bundled together to form a single package. The most popular categories are listed under “Featured Themes” and there are over 15 separate categories to choose from the extensive list.

– It gives a thumbnail view of the themes and also lets you the details of the images that come with the pack. In case you decide to have it, just “Download” the pack and it will be saved on your desktop automatically.

windows 10 official themes


There are some special themes like the Panoramic, which caters to dual monitor laced desktops and it is just like the ones in Mac and Ubuntu where you get more than one workspace with the additional facility to expand the background wallpaper as a panorama in multiple monitors. It also lets you create custom sounds that can be downloaded separately.

– There are even themes that are backwards compatible with Windows 7, probably the best ever Windows since XP.

There are many other third parties offering themes and skins for Windows 10, but it would be a better thing to have stuff from the original sources and enjoy. There might be issues and bugs causing your settings to disrupt and unless you know how to factory reset your themes manually, it is not advisable to try to test stuff on your own.