Get Microsoft Dark Theme On Your Windows 10

February 16, 2016 - Themes
Get Microsoft Dark Theme On Your Windows 10

Have you checked out Windows 10 yet? If you haven’t checked out yet, get up your seat and download it. It is totally new, attractive and such a user-friendly operating system. It has become the latest buzz in the cyber world. Besides, other amazing features available with the operating system, you got to check the themes provided by windows.

New windows 10 themes are very attractive from the taskbar, title bar to desktop background, it very bright and eye-catching. Other than the default windows themes, Microsoft has launched a dark, black theme which is unique and different from other themes that were used earlier.

Microsoft has launched the theme with Windows 10 only, but it is hidden. In coming future it may come as the default theme for Windows 10 but for now, you can use this theme by changing some setting and enjoy the dark looking theme. For now, if you want this method to use on your windows you got to follow the steps.

You just need to edit the registry, and as informed, this change in registry works only with education and professional edition of the theme. It doesn’t work if you have the home edition in your system. But efforts are being made that it is made more friendly and available to everyone on every version of Windows operating system.

As HowtoGeek post an article about that, you can get their dark theme registry hack.

Just double-click the included .reg file to enable the dark theme, and double-click the other included .reg file to re-enable the light theme.

microsoft windows 10 dark theme

If you are using a mobile phone with Windows operating system, then it is just as easy as to click and change your light theme into the dark theme. This dark theme not only gives a better look but also is eye friendly if you are using your phone in less light. For a system, download Windows 10 registry hack and double click on .reg file. If you want to run the light theme again, you just need to double click the same file again.