Get free Windows 10 Theme – Ian Somerhalder

November 1, 2016 - Custom
Get free Windows 10 Theme – Ian Somerhalder

There are many folks in this world who like the omnious looks of lam Somerhalder. He is so famous because of his eyes. His eyes are beautiful which shows lots of dramatic scenes. Apart from his eyes there are also other features which makes him to attract audience.

In this windows 10 theme, you could find that he stands out from the crowd with blue and orange background. If you like him and if you would like to appreciate, you could place this windows 10 theme as your desktop background on your personal computer or laptop.

By the way, do you remember The Vampires Diaries?

ian-somerhalder-theme-1 ian-somerhalder-theme-2 ian-somerhalder-theme-3

Download this theme from here.