Enabling High Contrast & Dark Themes On Windows 10

September 6, 2015 - Tricks&Tips
Enabling High Contrast & Dark Themes On Windows 10

A lot of times people have difficulty in reading black text on white background and they find it more convenient to use high contrast themes, that is, the ones that project white or light text on dark or black background. These are often called as “high contrast themes” and are always present along with the default Windows 10 installation. The default activated themes is always the bright background with dark text one.


How To Do It?

As the news goes Microsoft is still working on improving certain aspects of it and in the near future there might be an easy toggle in the Settings. As of now, the only thing that you need to do is make a small or say a single registry settings modification. There are some sites that already provide a .reg file with the required settings override to manipulate it automatically. It is not much difficult if you have some working knowledge of working with registry entries and making changes as and when necessary.

Browser Based

The new operating system comes with an advanced browser called Edge and Internet Explorer is now gone. The browser also comes with its own Dark Theme that can be enabled most easily from its own under the hood settings. This will however not make the web pages dark, but this can be achieved using custom plugins and extensions.

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