Dallas Mavericks – Windows 10 Free Theme

May 23, 2016 - Sports
Dallas Mavericks – Windows 10 Free Theme

If you are not fond of Basketball then it would be really hard for you to remember each and every basketball team from different states in the United States of America participating in the NBA games. Which team do you like the most? If it is Dallas Mavericks then you are too lucky because you get the chance to keep your favorite team as your desktop background.

Yep, this theme comes with high quality wallpapers which features pictures of every player of the Dallas Mavericks. There are also some wallpapers which feature group photos. If you are a true fan of this team, then you won’t have any trouble saying the names of each player displayed on the monitor.

Dallas Mavericks 1 Dallas Mavericks 2 Dallas Mavericks 3

Download this theme from here.