Customize Your Themes With Windows 10

February 24, 2016 - News
Customize Your Themes With Windows 10

A theme is the combination of desktop background images, sounds, taskbar and border colors and windows color. A theme gives the basic look to your windows. When you install a Windows operating system, you get many default themes along with the OS. But it’s not the limit; you can download many more themes from other markets.

There are many theme packs available in the market by the third party. Some of the best-rated themes are provided by Microsoft. One of its dark color themes that come with Windows 10 is the most liked theme ever.

windows 10 custom theme
There are many sites where you can get these themes, and they are free for your personal use only concern is that you cannot sell them for commercial purposes. Redistribution of these themes is totally prohibited by the user license agreement. Let it be windows 7 home premium, professional or ultimate, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 10, u can have great theme packs and all for free. However there are few limits like panoramic themes of Windows 8.1 can only be used for Windows 8, Windows RT 8.1, windows RT and windows 10.

These new themes contain high definition images and amazing colors for border and taskbar. This color looks so real, amazing and soothing to your mind and heart. These theme packs are great to work with, if you are bored of working on your computer, then you must try these theme packs from Windows 10.

Best thing is that you can create one of your own themes with your favorite background images and color combination. Creating theme shaves become a cake walk with the upcoming of new software. You can choose any picture from your collection and customize every detail on your own. This software in itself gives the option for customization of different components of an image.