Customize Your Desktop With Windows 10 Theme Packs

September 16, 2015 - Tricks&Tips
Customize Your Desktop With Windows 10 Theme Packs

The desktop you own may never look the same before or even like someone else’s provided you choose to test out some of the awesome styles and designs out there. The present scenario is overwhelmed with people opting for personalization rather than transformation and the ability to visually attract people is the key to the extensive portfolio of themes, even at Microsoft’s own hub. At times, the need is technical as there are people who find reading bright text on dark backgrounds easier than others.

Not A Transformation Pack

It is important to mention that a theme is not the same as the transformation pack which has a lot more than just aesthetic beauty and creativity into it. It practically tries to change the complete look and feel, the user experience, interface, and designs even without actually making any changes to the base operating system. Whereas, a theme has been a small package consisting of just wallpapers, window color schemes, sounds and a bit of this and that.

• A theme is not a transformation pack. A transformation pack has to be officially released by Microsoft. Themes are designed mostly by artists.

Where To Find?

This is rather not much difficult since themes are designed by artists and graphic designers and hence, there are a lot of third party authors and contributors apart from the official repository of Microsoft. The one available at is a collection of some themes based on Aero Pack. It is 22 MB in size and is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1 and gives a look and feel of Windows 10 RTM.

• There are also themes that are made for Windows 10 alone that changes its default theme available from Microsoft.

Thus, hunting for the perfect theme might be time consuming and exciting at the same time.