2016 Custom Windows 10 Themes Pack

June 21, 2016 - Themes
2016 Custom Windows 10 Themes Pack

Every day we are more and more Windows 10 users and for that, in many cases, we need a better look for our desktop, or a clean/flat view, or an new custom made theme for that operating system.

That’s the reason why I’ve tried to put together some of the most recent and custom maded themes for Windows 10. They are all FREE for download and use.

1. Oxford

new windows 10 themes
@by participant on deviantArt

2. Zeka – New Black (Dark) Custom made Windows 10 Theme

New Black-Dark Windows 10 Theme
@by Cleodesktop on deviantArt

3. Void – Black & Red Custom theme for Windows 10

2016 2017 new windows 10 theme black red
@by neiio on deviantArt

4. Ceti – Great dark theme for codding/programming

windows 10 theme for programming codding
@by neiio on deviantArt

5. Ubuntu – Custom design for Windows 10

We’ve write about the Windows 10 Theme for Ubuntu/Linux, now it’s time for us to have an Ubuntu feel if we like it.

ubuntu theme for windows 10
@by Cleodesktop on deviantArt

6. Numix – A new Custom Minimalist Windows 10 Theme

minimal theme for windows 10
@by Cleodesktop on deviantArt

7. Gray Minimal – Free custom made theme

Gray Minimalist Theme Windows 10
@by Cleodesktop on deviantArt