Child of Light – Windows 10 Free Theme

March 7, 2016 - Games
Child of Light – Windows 10 Free Theme

Here comes another theme based on a video game which is inspired from the famous game called “Child of Light”. As you could see the video game is based on watercolors and in the similar way the wallpapers that are present in this theme are also based on watercolours. This theme comes with a set of 19 wallpapers that describes the images of world of Lemuria such as a village, indoor, bridge, city and haunting forests.

As far as the windows color is concerned, it is standard blue like any other theme. In each of the wallpaper there is a “Child of Light” watermark on the top right corner. This theme is really a wonderful fantasy theme and especially dedicated to all fantasy lovers.

Child of Light theme 3 Child of Light theme 2 Child of Light theme 1

Download this theme from here.

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