Black Panther – Windows 10 Free Theme

November 26, 2016 - Animals
Black Panther – Windows 10 Free Theme

The panther is also known as the black panther, which is popular for its black fur. The panther comes from the big cat family and it is most commonly found in Asia, America and Africa.

It is very difficult to see a black panther and especially when the background is covered with dense trees because the black colour can easily blend with the background. This creature is harmful to humans.

Even though you like the black panther, you cannot have it. But, if you still want to have it without causing any harm then you could go for a black panther windows 10 theme. By using this Windows 10 theme you could place the black panther wallpaper on your computer screen and you could see it and admire whenever you want.

black-panther-theme-1 black-panther-theme-2 black-panther-theme-3

Download this theme from here.