Bing Anniversary – Windows 10 Free Theme

February 20, 2016 - Landscapes & Places
Bing Anniversary – Windows 10 Free Theme

It would be really great to see all the beautiful sceneries all around the world, at the same time it is impossible to see all those at once. But one of Windows 10 theme makes this dream come true. The Bing Anniversary theme of Windows 10 combines some of the most beautiful sceneries of the world.

Bing Anniversary theme is a perfect delight to your desktop which includes sceneries and landmark such as Lake Nakaru National Park, Golden Gate Bridge, Palm Islands Resort of Dubai, Fly Geyser near Black Rock Desert, Monte da Rocha Dam, Lulworth Cove along Jurassic Coast, etc. With this theme your desktop will take you for a mini world tour.

Bing Anniversary theme1 Bing Anniversary theme2 Bing Anniversary theme3

Download this theme from here.