Bees – Windows 10 Free Theme

February 20, 2016 - Nature
Bees – Windows 10 Free Theme

Buzzing bees with their queen bee may generate a sense of fear and panic amongst most users. The Bees theme would sure undo this negative perspective of these insects which fall under the most industrious lot in the insect family.

The various colors and hue of the bees portrays what specific class the bee comes from. Based on this class, the bee has a specific work to do with the entire family. The honeycomb structure that the bees create is another wonder to see and marvel at. Last but never the least, the queen bee who rules from the very heart of the honeycomb shelter is something to be explored.

Bees – Windows 10 theme1 Bees – Windows 10 theme2 Bees – Windows 10 theme3

Download this theme from here.