Akrapovic Morsus theme – Windows 10 Free Theme

February 24, 2016 - Automotive
Akrapovic Morsus theme – Windows 10 Free Theme

The Akrapovic Morsus is that designer motorcycle from the Slovenian region.  The bike has been fructified from the mind of the Slovenian biker Igor Akrapovic.

Made of gleaming steel, carbon fiber and titanium this glossy bike would hold anyone’s attention for long. The Windows theme that goes by the name of the bike is a collection of pictures of this marvelous motor bike. Those who have never seen the bike are sure to fall in love with it. Those who have already loved it would fall in love afresh. The camera angle, the lighting and the ambience of the shots highlights each feature of the bike for which it is so famous.

Akrapovic Morsus theme1 Akrapovic Morsus theme2 Akrapovic Morsus theme3

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