About the Changes in the New Windows 10 OS

November 25, 2015 - Tricks&Tips
About the Changes in the New Windows 10 OS

Yes, Microsoft has started to roll out the services of upgrading the current operating system of people to Windows 10, their latest venture in the operating system market. With it, Microsoft has mentioned that they are not looking at preparing any other operating system in the near future. Well, it has been foretold that Microsoft is now looking out for how customers can remain satisfied with this particular new operating system.

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Let’s have a look at some of the new features integrated into the Windows 10.

1. The start menu is back. Seriously, one of the most glaring aspects about the Windows 3.1 would be the missing start menu. A lot of people have faced problems for it, and it was one of the serious prospects that went missing from the operating system so as to make it a worthy contender for the excellent line of operating system Windows have been providing for the market.

2. There is a new task view, which is not similar to the Windows 8.1. It can easily switch between the virtual desktops, and it makes switching extremely fun with its innovative design and a rather graphical extravaganza.

3. Snap assist has been integrated in the new Windows 10 so as to help the users out in order to snap the windows into the new screen and also tile windows, just like you have been able to do since Windows 2.0. It makes for effective multitasking.

4. The command prompts now come with keyboard shortcuts. Yes, the command prompt has moved on from the old generation into something that looks fit for this technological driven age.

5. The incorporation of home location is the default view located in the windows explorer. There is also a share button located in the taskbar, that can be of good help to people.