A Brief About Windows 10 Themes

February 7, 2016 - Tricks&Tips
A Brief About Windows 10 Themes

Themes let you choose what is the best look for your desktop or background. The new Windows 10 themes are the best option available. You can customize your themes by changing your setting and choose your own background. You can also save this setting to use it again and again with the same setting. The Windows 10 Start accent color can also be changed to give your desktop the best look.

windows 10 themes

One of the most distinctive features of these themes is that you can set the slideshow as desktop background. It will enable the pictures to change automatically. The pictures are selected from a different folder in which you can save as many pictures as you want and that too from your own gallery. In this way, settings can be personalized.

Tiles color of your windows and their border color can also be changed. You can also give a name to your personalized themes that will be saved in the themes folder. It enables you to create as many themes as you want. You can use them when you want to change your theme. In this way, you can switch between your own themes.

new win 10 themes

The dark theme of Windows 10 is gaining a lot of popularity owing to its great stylish look and it also greatly relieves your eyes. Other themes are really bright which puts a lot of stress on your eye when you use your laptop in the dark or low light. For the same reason, the dark theme of Windows is being used more and more. This theme is set through the personalization of the settings. These features do not even impair the performance and power consumption of your laptop.

The features are innovative and exciting. You must give it a try and feel the change yourself. Check our free themes library.