4 Issues with Windows 10

November 23, 2015 - Tricks&Tips
4 Issues with Windows 10

As with any new operating system, there are bound to be a few issues. Let’s have a look at some of them.

windows 10 crashes

1. The Windows 10 operating system does not give the users the choice about the system updates. It can automatically accept them, without having to wait for any user opinion. On one hand, the computer remains up-to-date with all security patches and fixes necessary for you to operate the computer without any problems. On the other, it also ensures that there is a usage of your bandwidth to a certain extent that would never get the true Internet speed.

2. Another problem that are frequenting whenever there is any kind of forced update is the frequent crashes your computer. Well, rebooting your computer could fix the problem, but that is on a case-by-case basis. Uninstalling that particular driver which is causing the problem would also help you to solve the issue.

3. Windows 10 takes password sharing to a whole new level. Well, sharing is caring, but to take it to such a level, even though the password may be encrypted, is not something that can be considered good. Anybody connected to your network, including any spammer or hacker that has gained access would be able to secure encrypted password for your Wi-Fi network. A lot of malicious intent can take place with such information in their hands.

4. When you are upgrading your computer, and you find that your printer is not working, the entire installation process would have to start all over again. So, make sure that your printer does not have any compatibility issues with the Windows 10, or else you’ll have to stick with the lower version of Windows unless Windows 10 comes out with a fix to this problem.