3 Applications that you should download in Windows 10

November 19, 2015 - Tricks&Tips
3 Applications that you should download in Windows 10

The release of the Windows 10 has ensured that the application market is abuzz with latest compatibility issues as well as new products to be incorporated into this operating system. Microsoft has brought a lot of change to the table; it is now making sure that you have the right kind of enthusiasm to pick up on using this wonderful operating system, and securing the best out of deals functions.

So, most of the applications of Windows 10 that would previously be free with the operating system has now been tagged a certain price. So, you need to pay a certain amount of money before you could use the software. However, there are some applications that you can use free of cost so as to circumvent the problem of using paid software.

LibreOffice Windows 10
1. LibreOffice: – A cheap alternative to the word processing options located on Windows 10, you are mainly using Microsoft Word in a bare bone format. This is open source office that includes word processing, database management as well as creating spreadsheets and a lot more.

VLC player windows 10
2. VLC: -Of course, the VLC player is one of the most downloaded open source media playing software that you can find in the market. With the removal of the Windows media Centre is a free option for playing media, and getting it priced at $14.99, the VLC player should be your free alternative. It is a very capable media player, and happy to play a lot of formats that is prevalent in the market.

GIMP windows 10
3. GIMP: -With the use of the software, retouching photographs should not be much of a problem for you. Instead of spending a fortune on Adobe Photoshop, using this particular product, you can get a free alternative and find a fully featured software ready for use.

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